Sunday, 30 November 2008

HAZEL-頑張ります!'s LEGO Gears of War Customs

These absolutely Brilliant Customs, are produced by the talented HAZEL-頑張ります! of Flickr. He custom Molds his own pieces, and I must say, he does a great job of it! Now, looking at the Customs, in Comparison to Reference Pictures I have, he's managed to get them as Closely accurate to what they should look like in LEGO Form, and still retained that sense of Playability! Well done HAZEL! I look forward to seeing more from you!

You can view his Flickr Photostream below, and see just how well made his Customs are!

Welcome to Heretical Brick Blogs!

Hello, and welcome to my newly opened Blog. I've dedicated the Blog to Showing off(With the Owners Permission), their Customs, to others in the LEGO Community. I'll be updating the site on a Weekly/Monthly Basis, with Fresh Customs by Members of the Community.

If you want to suggest your Custom, ask me a question, or Submit any Complaints, please send me an Email at